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Seeds of change… what are you planting?

Spring has officially sprung and our attention must naturally turn towards considering which seeds we wish to plant.  Not the horticultural kind of seeds, although they’re very worthy of consideration too, but the seeds of intention.  Our cycles of energy and our experience of life, despite society’s increasing disconnection from the natural world, move with nature; each in-breath an expansion, each out-breath a contraction, just as the first half of the day is more outward-looking, the latter half is often felt as more reflective, more inward-looking.  Spring and summer are like the in-breath, autumn and winter like the out-breath, each season with its particular characteristics.

butterfly imageChoosing to live in a way that honours the cycles of life, and the cycles of our energy, brings forth ancient wisdom – we remember how it is to live in harmony with the land, with which we are so intimately connected, rather than simply forcing our will upon it.

And so, as nature shows us it’s time to plant seeds, each of us must consider what we wish to grow this year.  What seeds of intention do we wish to plant?  What is it that we value, and what does our heart long for?  These are important questions, and some attention must be given to them if the seeds are ever to take root and grow.

May we feel the unconditional support of the earth beneath our feet.

May our heart’s longings take root and flourish.

May we become all that we can possibly become.

With so much love,



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  1. Tracy Connor

    Beautifully put Heather….food for thought…thank you and lots of love to you too my friend x

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