You whisper tentative words with a scared look in your eyes, and I know that you can feel the fear rising up in you like dark smoke.  You think that your words will disconnect us, that you might be judged and found wanting… that finally you will show me there’s something wrong with you – that you’re not good enough, broken, tainted.

And yet it’s quite the opposite, my love.  Nothing you can say could make me love you any less.  In fact, in the sharing of your vulnerability, I love you even more.  I will always be there for you, like you’ve been there for me.  Your steadiness, your warm and loving gaze no matter what I’ve shared, your vast capacity to simply allow – all have taught me what is possible in a friendship; how we can create the conditions for another to heal, not by guidance but through presence.  

It is a blessing indeed to know you, friend. 

May we continue to support each other in growing our capacity for compassion and wisdom.  May we journey together to become ever more deeply human.

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