Years ago, I first heard the phrase, “dying to this moment” and wasn’t fully sure what it meant. Now, here I am inviting you to do it.  Die, that is, to this moment.  Surrender.  Let go. Open yourself completely.  Make way for the new.  This article is perhaps one of my more right-brained musings, but hell the world needs a little more connection with heart-guided right-brain energy right now – the energy of the symbolic, the creative, the emotive…

To live has become synonymous with holding on, clutching desperately at what we have, for fear of losing it.  We spend almost all of our time yearning for what it is that we don’t have, and if we eventually get it, we are terrified of losing it.  This isn’t living.  To be in alignment with life, we only have to spend a little time in nature, watching the cycles of birth and death all around us.  The earth that unconditionally supports our bodies, day-in and day-out – the rich and fertile ground from which all things grow – is itself death and decay – minerals, air, water and organic matter from dead birds, animals and plant matter.

Dying in Each Moment | only here only now

“No illusions in our mind, no resistances in our body,” as the Tao teaches.  But this way of being cannot be separated from non-being.   This communion with life itself is to embrace death itself.  To understand finally that life and death are one.

We have somehow pathologized death, made it ‘wrong’ – we are allergic to the very thought or mention of it!  Yet without death, life is meaningless – words are only meaningful because of the spaces in between them.   When we understand that life and death are part of one intimate whole, suddenly our tendencies to grasp at and cling to the impermanent are illuminated for what they are – illusions of the mind; an attempt to make the impermanent permanent.  The only thing that we can be alive to, and die to, is this moment.  This.  Incredible.  Moment.  Can you feel the faint beating of your heart, right now, as you read these words?  Can you feel the blood coursing through your veins; each cell tingling with the energy of being?  A descent into the body opens us up to the present; the body whispering its wisdom loudly to us, all the while.

The past and the future are just thoughts.  They have no reality.  Our heads are just halls of mirrors; drop into the body, allowing each in-breath to usher in and birth a new moment of loving presence, allowing each out-breath to be a surrendering and complete letting go, we are both dying to this moment and at once truly living.

May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you know peace in your heart.
May you be free from hardship and danger.
May you always feel loved and held.

May you die to this moment, over and over again, and live the life of a warrior of light, showing others the way.