I was brought up on a windy Scottish island, daughter of a farmer and a conservationist.  I am an author, Mindfulness Association Tutor, creator of the Mindfulness Association’s 11-18 year-old mindfulness curriculum known as ‘Mindfulness Based Living for Young Adults (MBLC-YA)’, Mindfulness in Schools Project teacher, Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach.  As well as teaching meditation and mindfulness to my own three children and my two step-children, I have taught children of all ages and stages in both family and school settings.

With the backing of the Mindfulness Association, founded by Rob Nairn, I am currently evaluating the MBLC-YA curriculum as part of a PhD in Education with Aberdeen University.  I am passionate about focusing my research on teaching children mindfulness with a strong emphasis on self-compassion, helping children and adolescents learn to live in a way that honours the deepest longings and aspirations of their heart.

Life often feels pretty busy, but I’ve learned to find some space within it.